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Wednesday, February 23 2011
Pull Up To The Trailer

The Arrow Video imprint is continuing its ongoing series of releases of classic slices of old video goodness, the kind that The Raygun grew up on. Vamp is not necessarily a change in direction for the label’s output – it is, after all, 18-rated, it’s a horror film and it came to prominence during the glory days of the video industry, when video really did mean video, clunky VHS cassettes and all – but it’s not entirely the same as the label’s previous output.

Whereas many of its other titles were either regarded as nasties or came from mainland Europe, most notably Italy, of course, Vamp is an altogether different affair, taking in its cue more from a stylish, 80s yuppie kind of thinking, blended, of course, with a nice line in vampire horror and a starring role from iconic 80s star Grace Jones hence the rather tenuous headline here), who has, incidentally, enjoyed something of a renaissance in the past year or two, thanks to her recent album and assorted gigs, making Arrow Video’s release on this week all the more timely.

The company’s Francesco Simeoni saidL :“Vamp hasn’t been seen in the UK since VHS or from Alex Cox’s Moviedrome. It’s got Grace Jones, 80s humour, vampires, Billy Drago, Argentoesque lighting – it’s pure Arrow Video. People seem to be very excited for it and we’re very pleased with the bursting Blu-ray and DVD we put together.”

Anyway, here’s the trailer…

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