My Inspiration – Alan McQueen (sales consultant)

Friday, November 19 2010
My Inspiration – Alan McQueen (sales consultant)

“It’s not me that’s crying. It’s my eyes.”

Jen De Florette (1986)

In 1972 I was still at school (Lord Wandsworth College where Jonny Wilkinson would follow……a long while later). The film club there was very forward-thinking and, as a fifteen-year-old, watching Soldier Blue and A Clockwork Orange certainly whetted my appetite for quality, hard-hitting films. The industry (video back in the early 1980s) was a vibrant, exciting, new development in most houses in the UK. The world of arthouse was late in coming to the party and my time at Palace Pictures really helped develop my love of world cinema in all its forms.

The one title that really stands out as a pivotal title for me was Jean de Florette (together with companion piece Manon des Sources).

A stunning beautifully shot, brilliantly acted French masterpiece.

Gerard Depardieu at his best as the hunchback farmer bullied, harried and driven to despair as his water supply is blocked by greedy neighbours Yves Montand and Daniel Auteuil.

A true masterpiece and a film that never fails to move and inspire. The reason anyone would want to be involved in our industry.

•HMV’s My Inspiration is about the artists, actors and directors we love, sharing with us the lyrics and songs, poetry and dialogue that have inspired them. The journey began in 2006, when David Bowie became the first artist to take part, selecting Syd Barrett’s Gigolo Aunt as his inspiration. Since that time, many of our greatest icons and best new artists from the world of entertainment have featured.

We at the Raygun are asking the UK home entertainment trade for the films, people, or even songs, that inspired them to become part of our business.

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