My Inspiration – Francesco Simeoni (Arrow Films)

Friday, October 15 2010
My Inspiration – Francesco Simeoni (Arrow Films)

“That’s about as funny as a screen door on a battleship”

Back To The Future

I don’t think any one film made me think I wanted to work in film, it all clicked into place much later. But when I decided I was going to work in film I went to university to study it. University was an interesting place to find out about other people’s favourite films, once such place was the intro round at a new class which would consist of everyone saying their name and their favourite film. This seemed to be a little exercise in “what’s the most obscure film you can name”. Alphaville, Z, Strike. I said Back To The Future.

My arthouse creds may have gone downhill but this was one of the closest films to my heart and shouldn’t that also mean favourite? Yes I am in awe of the virtues of Alphaville, Z and Strike for their brilliance, I would never dispute it, but Back To The Future is a film which a colleague and I conducted a quiz on for about four years, never failing to remember the most minute details, all to win a point over the other in a tally that we never kept. It is a film I can watch in my head and frequently remember dialogue completely at random: “Whoo time to change that oil!” It’s a film that immediately transports me to my misspent youth in front of a TV. It’s a film that makes me remember why I love film. It’s a film that keeps me inspired to discover new films, which I may never love as much, but every now and again the odd one comes close.

•HMV’s My Inspiration is about the artists, actors and directors we love, sharing with us the lyrics and songs, poetry and dialogue that have inspired them. The journey began in 2006, when David Bowie became the first artist to take part, selecting Syd Barrett’s Gigolo Aunt as his inspiration. Since that time, many of our greatest icons and best new artists from the world of entertainment have featured.

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