Professor Layton In Numbers

Wednesday, September 29 2010
Professor Layton In Numbers

To mark Manga’s biggest release of the year, we look at Professor Layton & The Eternal Diva and assess the size of the Nintendo franchise…

Four – the total different number of  SKUs being released by Manga on October 18, making this far and away the company’s biggest release of the year… These include a standard DVD, Blu-ray, a digi-combi pack, including an extra bonus disc, and a deluxe box set

660 – the number of pages in the storyboard book that comes as part of the deluxe package put together by Manga for Professor Layton & The Eternal Diva

1.5 million – the total unit sales of the first two Professor Layton games on the Nintendo DS game, released in October 2008 and September 2009 respectively

One – the standing of Professor Layton in terms of Nintendo DS brands. It is the top-selling franchise for the handheld console

Five – the number of months before the release that Manga started building the buzz for its release. Key in its efforts has been moving outside of the traditional Manga fanbase. The game’s primary market is more akin to the audience for the Nintendo DS than those normally associated with anime – women and younger children included. So an early talker screening invited representatives from the women’s and younger press and PR activity has been running since May. Similarly, women’s websites are among those being targeted by Manga in its online campaign, alongside traditional anime, film and games magazines

Four ­– the number of days between the release of Manga’s Eternal Diva and Nintendo’s new game, Professor Layton & The Lost Future. Nintendo is supporting it with a major PR campaign

Six – the number of different of different magazines being targeted by Manga with its pre-release advertising. The same ads will also be repeated in the same magazines – Official Nintendo, N-Gamer, Gamesmaster, Total Film, Empire and Neo – around release

6000,000 – the number of Nintendo subscribers who will receive a specially created newsletter and screening tickets in the week of the launches

Five – the number of exclusive film clips from Eternal Diva that will appear on the official Nintendo website throughout October, with one new clip being posted each Friday. Banners and news stories will also be featured