Pros And Cons

Tuesday, September 28 2010
Pros And Cons

If anyone knows about DTVs – how best to handle them, the smartest release strategies, how to get the most bang for your marketing buck – then it’s Momentum.

And that means that The Experiment, a remake of a near 10-year-old German film (Das Experiment, honestly), is in capable hands. Due on October 18, it really is a cut above the average title of its ilk and far better than what most would consider to be your average direct to DVD release.

It has a fine pedigree, in the presence of Oscar winner Adrien Brody and Forrest Whitaker as part of a gang of disparate souls who volunteer for a well paid experiment to spend two weeks in prison-like conditions, with the volunteers divided between wardens and cons. It’s tough, uncompromising viewing, and the talent sees it through. Its writer, producer and director is Paul Scheuring, the man behind TV franchise Prison Break, so he knows a thing or two about shooting in creating high drama and tension within a confined space.

As Momentum’s Adam Eldrett noted: “The film is a great example of what I would call premium DTV, a film that would potentially struggle at the box office in an over-saturated market but with a healthy marketing spend could really do some great business on DVD and Blu Ray. Great cast, great story and great production values.”

We’ll have more on its marketing on this week’s newsletter, but in the meantime, for anyone who still looks down on DTV as a genre, we would steer them in the direction of The Experiment. Here’s a look at the trailer…

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