My Inspiration – Adam Eldrett (Momentum)

Thursday, September 16 2010
My Inspiration – Adam Eldrett (Momentum)

The Power of Christ compels you.

The Exorcist

You know it is funny, I am not sure I could tell you exactly what made me join this industry but I can say that The Exorcist was a film that really made me think deeply about film releases for the first time. While writing a dissertation on censorship the film obviously came up again and again and its release or non release at one time always fascinated me.
Living with my parents, possibly the last people on the planet to own a video recorder, The Exorcist was just a film shrouded in mystery for a very long time. I think an adage still exists today, if the British public are told not to do something generally they will rebel. I finally saw the film as a teenager and It certainly had an effect on me, I remember a few of the key scenes had been watched so many times the tape had crease lines all over it. I was not able to go near a set of very steep steps without thinking about the film.
The film followed me to university when it was actually given its first [official, certificated] video release in 1999, prompting me to use the film as the subject of my dissertation on censorship.
I was lucky enough to meet William Friedkin at the BFI, knowing he was giving a lecture I was able to grab five minutes with him face to face. “Call me ‘Billy’,” he said after introducing myself and he was a remarkably easy man to talk to. What I really took away from meeting him was just the humble nature of the man, you might think he would be fed up of talking about this film but the excitement in his eyes were as if he had just walked off the set. He was genuinely thrilled that this film he made was still wowing audiences and still commanding attention some 25 years on… to this day it still does.
I have often thought the artwork for The Exorcists was stunning and something that still inspires me today. There are not too many film posters that can so immediately and accurately portray the themes of a film; I think Father Merrin standing in that shaft of light is still a particularly arresting image today.
Part of my work for Momentum includes the brand management of the CSI franchise and William Friedkin has now directed two episodes over the last couple of seasons. The Exorcists connection still haunts me today it seems…is there no escape?

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