My Inspiration – Ben Grunbaum (Lionsgate)

Thursday, September 16 2010
My Inspiration – Ben Grunbaum (Lionsgate)

Right, I’m gonna get a spot of breakfast. Oh, quick tip, Lynn. You know the breakfast buffet? Eat as much as you like, but from an eight-inch plate? See that? [Opens up his bag and partially reveals a dinner plate] Twelve inches. Keep it in my room! See you later!

Alan Partridge

I was 14 when this was first shown in 1997 and it was such an eye opener. The tragic hilarity of Alan, and the great humour in the mundane was something I’d never seen before. It was one of those shows that I could watch again and again, and still find it painfully funny. Perhaps in a way I could relate to those extraordinarily inane comments of his.
It gave me the idea that I could work in entertainment in some form related to TV or film and I just so happened to stumble into DVD.
Expertly written with a great cast it’s still one of the best sitcoms ever made, it just doesn’t feel dated.

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