A Distinctly Cool Trailer…

Wednesday, September 15 2010
A Distinctly Cool Trailer…

Putting together comparable titles for Momentum’s October chiller Frozen must have been a mighty tricky task… There’s little you can compare this tale of a trio who get stuck up a ski lift and left overnight in sub-zero conditions.

It’s in a different climate, but maybe Open Water, released by Warner a few years back, which saw a couple left adrift in shark-infested waters, and Frozen is making the same kind of, ahem, waves among the cognoscenti. As Momentum’s Adam Eldrett noted: “Frozen is a title really going from strength to strength.”

It is due for a theatrical release on September 24, then gets a brief exclusive run on rental via LOVEFiLM, before making its way to retail on Octobr 18. Momentum has already embarked on its marketing campaign, as previously reported here, and it is readying a national TV campaign for the home entertainment release, following press advertising around the theatrical. An online presence will further help and, as Eldrett added: “We will also be all over XFM week of release backed up with some very cool washroom posters, complete with sound chips to scare the punters.”
Further promotional activity is also planned, in the meantime, here’s the trailer:

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